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Zoey Stevens' dog
Full Name




Resides in

Westlake, Los Angeles, California, USA

Hair Color

Dark white


Humphrey is a character on the Disney Channel Original Movie, Zapped.

Humphrey lives in a huge house along with his owners Ted, Adam, Zach Thompson and Ben Thompson and new owners Jeannie and Zoey Stevens in the city of Westlake, Los Angeles, California, USA.


Humphrey appear to be an unruly dog in the beginning, and is the one who throws Zoey's phone in the water and starts the "Listen and Obey" app's malfunctioning. After some time he begins to like Zoey and is the one that gives Zoey the idea of how to deal with Taylor Dean in the end.


  • Humphrey starts the malfunctioning of Zoey's app on her smartphone by dropping it in water.
  • Humphrey is based on a dog named Stripes, later Peppers, which is a puppy owned by Annabelle, the main character, in the book Boys Are Dogs.

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