Chanelle and Emilia
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Chanelle Peloso and Emilia McCarthy




Adelle, Chendaya, Zemila

Chanelle and Emilia, or Chanilia, is the friendship pairing between Chanelle Peloso and Emilia McCarthy.

Pairing NamesEdit

Emelle (Em/ilia) and (Chan/elle)

Chailia (Cha/nelle) and (Em/ilia)

Eminelle (Emi/lia) and (Cha/nelle)

Chanelia (Chane/lle) and (Emi/lia)


  • They follow each other on Twitter, Instagram, and Vine.
  • When Emilia took a picture on Instagram and said "I'm gonna miss everyone", Chanelle was tagged in it.
  • When they were taking pictures on the final shooting day, Chanelle and Emilia were standing next to each other in some of them.
  • They tweet each other from time to time.


  • Both are female.
  • Both have blonde hair.
  • This is both of their first times on a Disney movie.
  • Both of them previously starred on shows.


  • Emilia has brown eyes and Chanelle has blue.
  • Chanelle has never starred on a Netflix TV series, Emilia has.
  • Emilia has never starred on Cartoon Network, Chanelle has.


  • This is their first time working together.

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